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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Don't I Know You?!?

Home again from another adventure.. and another wonderful memory. We have had a summer full of them! The kids and I so completely enjoyed a few days away in Tennessee with family. Some of the highlights included a pretty amazing hotel with a pool, getting to see "Veggie Tales Live" (and they even did the Bunny Song!!), a Magic Show, the kids first water rides, and most of all just being together! They were so excited at the thought of visiting another amusement park. Here is a picture of how we found Jacob early Tuesday morning before we went to Dollywood, out on the balcony with a map planning out his day!

We were so excited to arrive.. and yes.. Sam is wearing the mouse ears. He drew quite the commotion I'm afraid.. but then again.. we wouldn't have him any other way!

Another highlight for Sam was visiting a Christmas store where he got to "be" the Christmas tree. :)
The kids waited so well in the lines.. and planned out when they could take turns riding with which grown up. Very sweet!!
They all rode their first roller coaster with hands in the air and loud screams to boot. It was a complete hit, and second time around they rode in the very front cars. We were especially proud of Aunt "Lizzaleth".. who does not like roller coasters but did it anyway for the kids. :)

There were great games,

great rides,

and good food!

Here are some shots from swim time - which was so exciting for the kids who haven't been to the pool much. Sam and Jacob both braved jumping in the "big pool" and also both realized that they could (barely) stand alone in the 3 foot.. and loved it! They loved splashing and putting their faces in the water. Hannah preferred the safety of the one foot.. and had such a good time "swimming" in it. Ok and I have to admit.. there was a terrible moment when I was waiting for Jacob to jump in the three foot.. and I heard an enthusiastic "ONE.. TWO.. JUMP IN THE WATER"... followed by a splash.. and you guessed it.. Sam sinking like a rock to the bottom. I had him up and out in no time (that felt like a LONG time) and he seemed thoroughly amused by the whole situation! Thank goodness... I'd like to think he learned from the experience but... it's not likely. ;)

So here's the thumbs up for the experience! We are glad to be home again and look forward to another full week... Uncle Michael and Aunt Faith are coming for a visit and we can't wait! We hope you have had a wonderful week as well.


Anna Childress said...

Great fun! Good thing their mommy used to be a lifeguard. That photo of Jake planning his day reminds me of his uncle.

The Drucks said...

looks like a TON of fun!! one day we will have to do a trip together!!! love you guys!

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Wall Style said...

ok does anybody speak spanish??! what in the world does that mean!!?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha..more spanish! Time to call Mary V. and get her to translate.

I love your trip! So how does one sign up to get to go on these awesome trips w/you?!? Glad you are back home safe and sound! We love you guys!

Team B.