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Friday, October 12, 2007

An Apple a Day... For the next 6 months

Monday in bathing suits and sprinklers.. Friday in cold weather clothes at the Apple Barn! We geared up early this morning and headed out to the apple barn with some of our favorites... and each child got a big bucket to fill up with apples. We also enjoyed apple cider together, and got to pick pumpkins as well! We had so much fun.
Jacob, Hannah, and Ella-Grace were intent on their task of apple gathering...
Sam pretty much just enjoyed... running around...
We came home and drew silly faces on each pumpkin. I wish I could have captured this fun on video, they made themselves laugh so hard at the faces they drew, it was so cute!

Jacob kept trying to cross his eyes... which greatly amused his little brother and sister!
I must also mention our new addition... Donita and Ella Grace gave Hannah a small build-a-bear as an early birthday present. This little bear...a.k.a. "Dimples" has not left Hannah's arms all day. They are tucked in bed together as I write. All three children threw a "birthday party" for Dimples (birthday parties are happening quite often around here afterall...)

and Sam mustered up everything he could try to get to hold Dimples. Hannah however did not find his sad face.. sad.. but really quite funny :) What a wonderful day.


Jeremy and Katie said...

So much fun! Isn't the weather weird? 90 one day and 50s the next?! Crazy.... hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I think Sammy is my child..he is so stinkin' silly! Your apple barn field trip sounds so fun! Don't you love this time of year!!! We love you guys!

Team B.

markandmeg said...

Yay for fall fun! Your darlings are so adorable! Love,
Meg D

Anonymous said...

Lauren :)