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Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Cake Makers and Protectors of Creepy Crawlers

I hope you enjoyed your rainy day as much as we did!
I got quite a laugh out of these kiddos today. We made alot of food, and a birthday cake for a friend, which attracted our large and thriving ant population. The kids caught one and named it (through the course of day there were probably 10 different ants, all identified as the same one!) I decided to pick my battles and be glad that they weren't acting like me (hatefully crushing every intruder that stepped foot on my kitchen counter!) As I was doing this, I heard the kids tip-toeing behind me in the kitchen whispering to "Cindy" the ant... that they needed to protect her from "Mommy the Ant Smoooooooosher"
That'd be me. And I'd do it again too. :)


markandmeg said...

Where did Hannah get that adorable apron and hat? Its just so cute! Or maybe its just that she makes it look so cute because she's so adorable :)
Love the pics,

Travis said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Wall Style said...

Thanks! :) Hannah's hat and apron came from T.J. Max last Christmas. Anyone who hasn't shopped there for toys or..w ell.. anything.. really should. They have great and sometimes unique finds really cheap!