"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Monday, May 25, 2009

All Kinds of Miracles. :)

Back again!!! I know! It's a miracle!

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you snickering thankyouverymuch. And I can't say that I blame you! I'm so blessed to have friends and family who have taken interest in my blog and am undeniably ashamed for my avoidance of having to sit still for five WHOLE minutes (*gasp) to download pictures!!! I know. It's pathetic.

Yet... a few weeks ago I started looking back through my posts in search of a couple pictures in particular, and found myself lost in memories of my little ones. You see I'm not a journaler. I wish I was. I've tried... believe me. My house is full of random (and very cute I might add) journals with one or two entries. That's all. So really, the best run I've ever had in journaling has been my (disappointing at best) former commitment to blogging!! So REALLY you should be quite proud of me for sticking to it as long as I did!! Applause... applause... ahem.

So here I am again. You may find me, you may not. You may be fed up with my vanishing acts... and I certainly understand! Yet I'm back to share pictures of my little Walls to loved ones far away, and to keep my own personal journal of their lives and ours. Forgive me if in this new revelation of what blogging can ACTUALLY be used for... I express a little bit more freedom in what I share. Trouble is... blogging never really lasted before when it was held in the confines of us. Only so much you can say on any given day when you're trying to stick to that huh. But really...

I'm overwhelmed.
My life has been full of miracles.
For years.
Most of you know... yet I haven't left written proof. Here it is. (It's a miracle!!! :)

God is undeniable. He's real... and I cherish the fact that He takes notice of me.

I KNOW He is real. He saved me.

He restored my family when it was an impossible situation. Yes, He took notice and saved.

He walks every day with us... and leads every step... big and small.

And if it's all the same to you... it's really not a matter of my suddenly feel like sharing and "hearing" myself talk. It's this.


If this is a venue where I can share with just a few more people... how can I help myself???
Please don't be put off. I won't be expressing things that I haven't experienced and lived... it's at least worth considering now isn't it. I know that many of my cherished loves ones have not chosen to be followers of the Lord. I adore you just the same. You know that.
This isn't about you. It isn't about me either. It's about life. It's about my reality. And yes it's about God, becasue He's real. You can't tell me otherwise. You'll see. Yes I'm just that confident in my God. I am journaling here because I don't want to ever forget or loose sight of what He has done. EVER. And whether or not you've chosen to follow Him, I don't believe you should be deprived of seeing miracles. Just enjoy! :)
And yes... I'll keep throwing in pictures of my little dear ones to boot. Can't help that either. Pardon.

SO to my friends whom I have been out of touch with for quite some time... Hi again. :) It's good to be in touch. I'm so thankful you'd take the time to check in.

I'll leave with you a few photos that my dear friend Laura Steryous took a few months ago Have a wonderful evening. :)





You've seen a miracle.

God is a redeemer.

This I KNOW.


Anna Childress said...

We love you today!!!

Naff News said...

:):):):):) - 'Nough said.

The Beckner Bulletin said...

yaaaaaay you're back! :) So excited!!!!

Renee said...

Yaay God!! :)

And yippee-yahoo you're back! I have missed your little blurbs greatly. I am a few days behind because, well, a while back I deleted your little blog button from my desktop... I'm sorry to admit that I had given up hope of ever happening upon updated adorableness.

Color me surprised and excited to realize I have been oh so wrong in my hopelessness. Never will I doubt you again... even if it is six months between updates... even if it is NINE months between updates. I will never delete said button again, and this is my solemn promise.

Love your face!