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Friday, May 29, 2009


Today Jacob finished Kindergarten!!! WOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! He's had a fabulous year. Honestly... he is pretty sad that school is over. I know. Odd. But he simply adores his teacher Mrs. Scyphers, and can't stand the thought yet of ever having a different teacher. We went to his awards ceremony where he proudly walked away with a character award for obedience. I love that kid. :)

Guess. What.

(This is my long pause for dramatic emphasis.)

And a drum roll.

My camera broke today. I know. I'm not thrilled. Especially becasue I was not able to document things today such as:

Jacob's first awards ceremony and classroom party.

Sam's head over heels encounter with the mud at school, and his reappearing COMPLETELY covered in mud... even IN his ear that took a good bit of digging to retrieve. Ew. I know, you're disappointed.

I also missed documenting our outing with Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Scott and Ashely in which Jacob discovered a bug in his soft taco, Sam colored intently next to his food, and Hannah basically played games and made jokes with her much adored Uncle Scott.
This was true to my no camera situation however because I could NOT have photographed them eating.
Because they DIDN'T.
Know what else I don't need a camera to tell you about?
God provided for Jacob to complete a year at Roanoke Valley Christian Schools. He is so good. :)
Jacob has grown in confidence, knowledge, and so much more this year. I'm so grateful.
Jacob is actually SAD that school is over. Granted... that's wierd... but a blessing.
I have three precious children that I ADORE who will finally all be with me again for a little while... and I'm so excited. Really... REALLY excited. I can't believe the Lord has blessed me with this wonderful family.. all together... and I am enjoying every second.

Now back to my plight. I'm still thankful my camera lasted so long. Yet...

No camera.


Because I ditched blogging for such a long stint... I have some... files. AH the importance of the word.

Here was a hilarious attempt to get a photo of Jacob's class at the zoo last week.

That's about the best I could do.

I can watch the animals... but I can't tame 'em. BAHAHAHA! nevermind.

The three Muskateers... wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Oh and one more thing I want to tell you about....

But not yet.

Soon. :)

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Renee said...

Yaay for Georgie! I feel so proud :) It is shocking, and by that I mean Shocking, at how much he has grown and matured this year. What a sweetie-pie.

And now I will observe my very own moment of silence for your loss. We shall begin a camera search immediately.