"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Like Father... Like Son.

Today is Father's day.
For almost 3 years... these children's daddy was not home.
But this year... He's home.
Because His Father didn't give up on him.
Today these children ADORE their daddy.
This was the best Father's day... ever.

Hurt, fear, the impossible. They're gone.
Why? Because they know their dad. They know He loves them.
For Will... hurt, fear, the impossible... THEY'RE GONE.
Because He knows his Father God. He knows that He loves Him.
He wants to be like Him.
And guess what... there are some other kids who want to be just like their daddy.
Who is a whole lot like his Father.

I love my Father God. Do you KNOW Him?
He loves you.
He knows what's best... even when we don't believe it.
Is it hard, humbling, and difficult to get there sometimes?
Yes. Ask Will. Ask each one of us.
Would we have ever been here today without our Father God?
No. Absolutely not.
I will never stop thanking Him.

Jacob's Father's Day Prayer: Dear God. Thank you for my daddy. Thank you for his funny, most best, greatest heart. Thank you for my Pop Pop. Thank you that he loves us. Thank you I got to talk to him today. Please keep him safe and help him to come see us soon. Thank you that Grampie gets to see you in heaven. Amen.

As for me... I have a wonderful Father in law (I love you! :) I'm married to the most wonderful man I know... and while I miss my dad every day I'm finding more and more every year that on Father's Day I'm not sad. I'm SO PROUD that He's my dad. I'm so THANKFUL I had him... I wouldn't trade him for any other dad, no matter how long. I'm AMAZED by my Father God. He makes me safe, secure, and loved... no matter what.

Best Father's Day. Ever.


Naff News said...

Dude. You made me cry.
Still SO happy/thankful/excited for you guys. :)

The Beckner Bulletin said...

Dude. I would have cried if one of the first pictures wasn't Will in a towel. That might have scarred me a little. But it was a fabulous post. So proud of you guys. Love you so much!

Renee said...

Dude, What they said.

LMB said...

Precious!! In more ways then one!!

5 is the perfect number! said...

i'm am so happy for you! we love you guys a lot, and are so thankful that prayers were answered in a HUGE way!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there; what an absolutely beautiful tribute to the God who does what we can't 'see' or figure out. Of course I cried; but those are the best tears to cry. How beautiful your family is; those smiles reflect hearts that have joy and peace and love. Thanks for sharing that, and I know God will continue the great word He has begun. Love you guys, Maria.

Anna Childress said...

That is beautiful! Love you all!

Darlene said...

Am I supposed to call you "Dude" too? LOL! G.O.D is L.O.V.E. - that explains it all. Sorrow at night but joy comes in the morning. Rejoicing with the Walls!

Mike said...

I love this - thanks Mary.