"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Many Wonderful Beginnings!

1. New Beginning Number One. Well sort of... if you consider that this is the 3rd time... ahem. Our house is on the market!! YEEE HAW!! :) I have not posted the many housing adventures of these Walls on this blog... and perhaps I should formulate some sort of adventure series on the topic. Intriguiging... all I can say is the market is bad. My God is more than capabale of handling it... and however.. and WHENever it sells.. I trust Him. Completely. Just watch and see. I'd be downright ungrateful at this point to worry. If it sells right away, He knows that's best. If it doesn't, it's for a reason and I trust Him. Please join me in prayer in thanking Him that He cares, and trusting Him with what we can't control! (Which .. really.. is everything :)

2. New Beginning Number 2. An Ode To April. :) Wait.. STOP. My respect, love and admiration for this wonderful person (who is surely cringing under public praise... which makes me laugh.... ;) is NOT new. And by the way the picture is too small because I stole it. That's right. You heard me. I'd do it again too. Ready for what is?!? ... Recently I have become much better acquainted with website additions... and finding this could not resist in honor of one of my dearest. Because she's an expert. This girl can hear the music from any level and identify. Shocking, amazing, and yes my friends... an unparalleled talent in my eyes. So ladies and gentlemen... for your enjoyment... on the Lower right of this page I present the one, the only, SUPER MARIO. Enjoy. :) I know I will! Want to try posting scores...?
UPDATE: Apparently... I'm not great at this seeing as how half the game is cut off. Ahem. (Never claimed to be an expert... ;) I will sheepishly await my husband's arrival this evening and beg for help. On YOUR behalf. of course. ahem again.

3. New Beginning Number Three. Oh. My. Goodness.

God is amazing. That's what this is about. We knew on launch day that the site would be introduced to about 2,000 people. It appears that the number has already nearly doubled. Amazing. And do you know what has had me giddy ever since? Reading down the 5.2 blog as person after person posts just a simple line.. of what the KNOW about God.. what they're thanking Him for.. it's incredible. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. And please join in!

There has been one... and only one problem with the site. And it's a wonderful probem to have. Due to SO MUCH volume, it runs a bit slow at times, but please be patient it doesn't always happen. While thousands are reading... a steady but slow trickle comes in throughout the day. Sometimes we just need to get the ball rolling! Will you take the one minute it takes to e-mail or enter into the blog box a simple line of something you know, love, or appreciate about God? What an AWESOME WAY to thank Him, to acknowledge Him, and to share Him with thousands of onlookers who may be trying to figure out if we care enough to share. HE'S SO MUCH MORE THAN WORTH IT. Such a simple offering of worship ... that will be multiplied among thousands. Oh! WAIT ! Did you catch that?!?! How very 5.2.... :)

Thank you for bein' my friend :)

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5 is the perfect number! said...

i'm glad me knowing the music to super mario is enough to get a spot on your blog!! lol! that's hilarious!