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Monday, August 17, 2009


Another new adventure...

For many years I have taught music. I love it. After finishing my schooling this last year... I started planning a school of music for young children. And it's finally time to get started! I'm THRILLED at the idea of finally getting to do something that I love so much in this capacity... and so are the kids! Two classes will take place in the morning when they're in school, two in the afternoon... and only one day a week.

The proceeds from JoiSing (Aside from what it takes to run the class) will go to
The 5.2 Project.

Check out the website!

AND in other news... I FOUND OUR CAMERA BATTERY!!!
oops.. Did I just confess that I lost it?!?! Yes indeed. SO stay tuned for a backyard [boys only] camp out... a friends birthday party... a baby shower... and awholetonna backed up pictures! :)

Have a wonderful week!

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