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Monday, November 16, 2009

Of Hospitals and Dollywood.

Dear Grandparents. Let's hypothetically suggest that once upon a time a little girl didn't feel so very good. I would never specifically mention such as I'm sure your insides would cringe... but let's just suggest. Let's say the before mentioned little girl had to spend a night in the hospital... for a respiratory infection. Hypothetically...of course.
Well if we were to say that I would also have to say that the little girl received so much love, so many cards, meals,and gifts, that she found out that being so very sick wasn't entirely bad at all.
She might have even said that the hospital was "almost as fun as Dollywood."
"Except for the whole being sick part..."
Of course. :)
This little girl... with no hypothetical reference about it... completely and unashamedly loves her family and friends.
...Even more than Dollywood. :)


Naff News said...

That is so funny. I love her!

Anonymous said...

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