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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A few things for my online Journal/Scrapbook/I only remember to go on blogging frenzies every few months blog.....

Tonight Hannah came down in her pj's holding this doll and said it was her little Isaac. And it made me melt. :)

Sam developed a sore throat through the afternoon and the Dr. said he has strep throat. Sam whispered to Jacob at bedtime that he has Shrek throat... and he was really worried that he might turn green!

Jacob said that he realized that he's actually much smaller than he thinks he is... and much bigger than he used to be. And that he "really enjoys playing with the young people." :)

Sam decided to spend the last three hours of our night talking in his own made up language... which was both maddening and absolutely hilarious at the same time. He was well aware of the latter part of that statement... and therefore was a nearly impossible force to stop. He kept us laughing though... and made up crazy names for everyone. I believe that Jacob's was bagabooboobaby. (Yep. You heard it here.) :)

I love my life. :)


5 is the perfect number! said...

LOVE your kids!! glad you're back on the blogging bandwagon. =)

Lauren said...

so. glad. you're. back. to. blogging.

Naff News said...

Jacob's cracked me up. I miss you guys!!

Anna Childress said...

I'm glad I get to be part of your life, beautiful sister! And I LOVE your marathon blog postings. Maybe I should try that method. :) See you SOON!!!!!!