"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Adventure.

For those who don't know and I've promised to fill in... we'll be having another little adventure in our family tomorrow. As many of you know, Hannah and Sam have both had several rounds of strep throat since Hannah's hospitalization a few weeks ago. Sam's cough has never left and recently began to get worse, and finally, last week I noticed that his breathing was strangely heavy. I took him to the doctor who was alarmed and sent him straight to a specialist at the hospital... the same specialist in fact, who Hannah saw. It was decided that due to their mold allergy (from our house condemnation-situation) they were unable to get rid of their strep throat... which made them strep carriers... which made them develop some form of mono, and Sam's tonsils are compromising his breathing so they'll need to come out. And so, Wednesday morning we'll grab his ragged red blankie and head in! We are hoping for a simple outpatient surgery, but the doctor was unable to make promises due to the complications of his sickness. So there you have it! I'm sorry to fill many of you in this way but life has been busy busy... and wonderful! We're so enjoying having our family in town.

As of now, Sam is actually very excited about having his tonsils out. :) He has no clue what it means really, but was nervous at first. WHAT... is the key to a man's heart? That's right... we went to the store and bought 3 kinds of ice cream...and chocolate pudding. Problem solved. Now he's ready! ;)

There is a chance of course that Hannah will follow in his footsteps soon but I'm not sure about the details of all of that yet.... and today I'll speak with the doctor about what "mono" means to their kindergarten lives! I am SO THANKFUL for the way that God has guided our steps and protected our children... and that after the way he's done so I'd be downright foolish to be concerned about any of this! There is NO question that God Himself is keeping a very close watch on them with these things that I can't even understand.

In other news... we'll be moving next week! We will be moving back into our old house (which has been repaired) in hopes of having a better chance of selling an inhabited home.

And there you have it. All you ever wanted to know. (And then some.)

It also needs to be said... (I always talk to much, don't I!) After a few weeks to specifically remember and celebrate that God Himself in not only an undeniable reality, but that He loves us enough to be "God with us" every day... WOW it's incredible to look around and see the evidence... and realize the implications of what that really means. We are so blessed. I am amazed at the priveledge of being able to "fix our eyes on Jesus." I'm awed by His personal reality in our lives, through answered prayer, through guidance, through protection, through joy and peace, and so much more. I hope that you are aware of "God with us." Because He is... with us... but we need to be willing to follow. And when we do... the blessings of abundant life far surpass any and every situation, circumstance, and human reality. God is so good!

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julia p said...

I hope it goes well- keep us posted!