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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As It Turns Out...

As it turns out... making Christmas cookies includes the best memories with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Scott!!!As it turns out... you can NEVER have to many sprinkles!
As it turns out... sometimes the only way you can get a picture is by inviting the kids to just go ahead and make funny faces!
As it turns out... Sammy LOVES school... and Mrs. Jones.

As it turns out.. it IS entirely possible to fill the school halls with 4 classes of children under the age of 6... lead them in singing songs and helping them to love every minute!!! (But... ONLY if you're Mr. Raegan!!! He's amazing!)
As it turns out... there is someone crazy (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible!) enough to want to take kids to Chuck E Cheese at Christmas time... just because she loves them.
As it turns out, there are still few things that make Sam as happy as.. Penguins :)
AND especially... packages from Uncle Rich.
As it turns out, when moms say that these are their very favorite kinds of Christmas presents,
it's absolutely true. :)

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Anna Childress said...

Fun, fun! We'll be joining you soon. Love the Suhr/Wall gang photo!!