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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Provoked this little boy to a spontaneous prayer of thanksgiving.
(And no. I'm not kidding. We take chocolate very seriously around here.)
It brings a happy moment to any day!
And when it's cold outside...
It becomes a necessity.
I watch them and remember so many things about being a child. The importance, for example, of the intent study of your cup.
(Or for my big brother... the cereal box. :)

The only un-happy hot chocolate-y moments, are the incredibly long seconds it takes for the ice cube to melt, the steam to slow, and the chocolate to become drinkable. :)


Beth Simmons said...

Mary, these are adorable pics of your adorable children. I think I'm going to go make some hot chocolate now! Btw, you take great pics!

Anna Childress said...

Yes, we are also VERY serious about chocolate AND cereal!

Mike said...

I LOVE that you are carrying on that tradition! That is one of my best childhood memories!