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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"It's The Christmas Party Hop!"

As Christmas draws near... so does the last day of school before break... and today, it was time to celebrate! Sam had has party on Monday (and I posted a couple of pictures of it a few days ago) and he accompanied me today as we went from Hannah's class... to Jacob's.

Isn't this an amazing idea?!? Hannah's wonderful "room mom" went to so much trouble and organized these little houses for decoration... which was a productive and rewarding way for the little ones to spend their sugared up energy!!!

Speaking of sugar....
The picture below shows Jacob chuckling to himself much to my chagrin... just moments after explaining to his principle that he had eaten his rice krispy treat into the shape of a Star Wars gun. (Sigh.)
Someone should have given HIM a daggone gingerbread house to decorate. Or something.
Did I mention... sugar?!?

I have to admit... I can't wait until Christmas break either!

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Naff News said...

It is so. weird. to see your kids in the same rooms I went to school in. And probably you as well. I suddenly feel very old.