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Friday, December 4, 2009

Quotable Sam

"Hey Hannah! Look at that little puppy under the hair tree!!!" (a.k.a. the weeping willow...)

"Mommy. I love you more than the moon and the sun. And even than jelly beans."

When driving through any given parking lot..... "MOMMY MOMMY! WATCH OUT FOR THE HUMANS!!!"

(Upon getting out of bed for the 345,456,234,446,234 time in the morning before he was allowed... Will got on his bed and told him (jokingly... or maybe not...) that if he got up one more time he'd the the whoopin of his life. Sam looked at him and said... "I eat danger for breakfast." (And yes.. he got in trouble for that... but it still makes me laugh a little :)

Some things deserve to be recorded in time.... :)

Sam Wall - age 5


5 is the perfect number! said...

that sam!! so funny!!

Jeremy & Katie said...

I knew when I saw the title "Quotable Sam" that it was bound to be a good post. :) I wasn't disappointed. Love that boy! :)

julia p said...

Hair tree??!

julia p said...

Oh, and my sister has a good bedtime idea for a crack-of-dawn kid (he was getting out of bed before 6 every morning- ugh!). She put a digital clock in his room and he's not allowed out of bed before 7, and since he can read the clock, it works!

Meg said...

I absolutely LOVE all your quotable posts, but I have to say that the "I eat danger..." is probably my favorite and made me laugh way too hard this morning :)