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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am so thankful.
My Sammy did great in surgery this morning... and he has been so very brave.
We checked in early this morning and were taken straight back...
To kind nurses, cozy socks, cartoons, and a sweet nurse who showed him pictures of the operating room and let him try on the mask that the anesthesiologist would put on him. They were amazing and made such a difference!
And then... it happened.
The nurse pulled out... a Nintendo D.S. That's right. I've never even seen one before. I'm sure that I abbreviated it right either.
But Sam was TAKEN.
He held it... all the way as he was wheeled into the O.R.....
and was struggling to keep his eyes open to push the buttons as he went to sleep.
(A little embarrassing to see him get so sucked in...)
But also hilarious. And a relief. :)
He got to come home, which was best case scenario and although he's pretty sore and exhausted... he's home with his very attentive brother and sister... and... his ice cream. :)
And I'm so thankful.
Do you know the expression, "The silence is deafening?!?!" I'm really surprised how NOTICEABLE it is that Sam is not struggling when he breathes anymore... I don't hear a thing.
He and Hannah do have mono but are not contagious after so many weeks... and we'll just have to take it a day at a time... alot of the time they feel great, and this should really help our Sam.
Below... Sam asked me to take a picture of his "favorite spot" of blankie.
It makes him smile.
Me too. :)

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Naff News said...

Awww that blankie. :) So glad everything went well- it's so nice that they really pull out all the stops to make the kids feel comfortable :) ...and the moms...:)