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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankful For Memories

On Thanksgiving morning... Hannah woke up with a fever... again. But because we didn't plan to celebrate Thanksgiving until Saturday with the Childress clan, and Sunday with the Wall clan... it was the perfect pajama and sausage gravy day!

We had a cozy day decorating the house for Christmas!
Then Saturday, we picked up Grammie from the airport and headed over to her house to see her, Uncle John, Aunt Marie and two of three adorable cousins!! We had such a wonderful time!

We ate wonderful food, and decorated Grammie's Christmas tree (I still love to see these ornaments!!!)
Hannah played with Joshua...
And Joshua repeatedly tried to eat the Christmas books.

I'm so blessed to have a mom who could so graciously walk off of an airplane from Texas and host the family... and such a wonderful brother and sister in law with their sweet babies!
That night I had a good time preparing the house for Thanksgiving dinner with the Wall side of the family... Pop Pop and Maura's long anticipated arrival had come and we had all of our family in Roanoke for dinner.
We also got to celebrate Grandma Joyce's 76th birthday on Sunday! My children are so blessed to have TWO great grandmothers to know and to love... and we sure do love our "Grandma J0-Joyce!"
We had the Nerf gun war to end all wars..... (I hope... :)

And after a HUGE dinner spent the evening watching old home videos and decorating our Christmas tree.
Until we crashed. :)
I'm so thankful for family.

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Anna Childress said...

Joshua's a true Childress -- he devours books! Hahaha!