"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hole In The Bottom of the Sea-(Ling)

You might say... "sometimes one thing leads to another..."
You MIGHT say that we were distracted by a small toilet leak... and we MIGHT have had, well... bigger problems...
You MIGHT say... that it became necessary to tear up flooring upstairs and downstairs (in the bathrooms) to dry out the problems.
You might... at first glance be thinking this is a terrible thing.
OR. You might camp out at your Pop Pop's house and do Mad Libs on a stack of boxes.
And you MIGHT say... that you should really sit back and look at the sheer brilliance and goodness of God. For:
1. Protecting our family.
2. For gutting out the source of our mold allergies.
3. For brand new flooring in both bathrooms from the insurance company that we could not have afforded ourselves.
4. That when "bad things happen"... it's not a "feel-good" statement to say that "God works ALL THINGS together for good... for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8).
You MIGHT say... God really doesn't need to be so kind, so obvious, so good... but He IS.
Because we already KNOW He's good. He doesn't need to prove Himself to us. But He does.

You MIGHT say... that as we make decisions about living arrangements, repairs, and medical plans for allergies, that no matter where we travel [FOLLOWING OUR JESUS]... we are ALWAYS...
You might say that peace and joy really aren't entirely dependent on circumstances...
and no matter how much we move, as long as we know God is before us, there's just nothing to worry about... and we are so blessed!!!
*** You MIGHT say... that I say these things because some things worked out well. But you should know that we haven't received word from insurance yet... and that we came home, unpacked, and Jacob had water start dripping on his head in the bathroom... AND SO the saga continues. Making the above only MORE true. Our safety comes in knowing who we're following.... no matter where it takes us. I hope you know Him... I hope He's not just your religion. Because I'm a witness! He is real... and He is so good :) Love, Mary

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