"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Sunday, January 3, 2010

NEW things!!!

Have you checked out THE 5.2 PROJECT Website lately??! Thanks to our latest staff member and amazingly talented photographer Beth Simmons, the website has undergone a total re-make... to kick off a total new set of projects. Beth's photography blog is listed on my sidebar "A Shot in the Dark"
You'll be hearing from me about this one very soon... :)
There are 3 online Bible studies beginning JANUARY11. You can study from HOME... WITH others. Monday-Friday discussion guides are posted and you can discuss them with others throughout the day. Stand is for women. It's a look at how we can learn to STAND... how our faith becomes sight ... no matter what circumstances may bring.
RESOLVED has a chapter for men and one for women. This study was literally life-changing for me. It's a look at the friendship of Simon Peter and Jesus Himself, beginning with Jesus words "Come. Follow me. And I will make you Fishers of men."
Is it really that simple?
How does following Jesus work itself out in my every day crazy life?
It does.
And it's so exciting. Please check these out!
The 5.2 Journal [January Edition] has been posted!
And I will be joining a few others in blogging strictly about the reality of learning to follow Jesus in our every day lives on the new blog below.
Will you check them out and let me know what you think?
They're just tools.
No. I don't claim for them to be fancy of perfected. In fact, I need your help.
It's a desperate pursuit of wanting more of my Jesus.
I've shared a glimpse with you of His reality in my life... and I want more.
It's an insignificant offering of obedience...
Will you join with me to see Him more?
In 7 months the Lord has allowed this website (which is only one outlet for the 5.2 Project.. It's NOT .. THE project...) to reach almost 10,000 individual readers... literally all over the world. YOU can share with them. You can study the Bible... at the same time sharing what you're learning with the follower, with the skeptic, with the cynical, with the lonely, with the seeking, with a friend.
Because truth is worth seeking, AND it's worth standing on.
Philemon 1:6 says that you should be active in sharing your faith... so that YOU have a full understanding of the hope you profess.

Will YOU consider... right NOW... taking ONE MINUTE.
Will you visit the blog, http://www.the52project.com/the-blog.php scroll to the comment box and write one thing that YOU... really KNOW about God... and share it all over the tell world?
And make sure that you tell your children. Tell your co-worker. Those are the things that are really of worth anyway, now aren't they.
Will you take a moment and email your friends about the Bible Studies, or about the website? www.the52project.com
I Want to know.. and I need to know... what you know about my Jesus as well. Love, Mary

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