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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Dangerous Day in the Life of Sam

I am the incredibly blessed mother of three very entertaining, funny children.
Yesterday I asked Sam to clean the living room. I heard him scurrying around working.. when he was finished cleaning he called me in to see. He had put himself in the toy box as well. :)
It was a snow day, so the kids came to work with me where Sam played with his toy cash register...
and drank chocolate milk, to gear up for the most accident prone afternoon I have EVER experienced (and that's saying alot!)
It started with slipping on a toy and falling. (Hard.) Then tumbling down the stairs. (TWICE.) Then... falling off of the side of the couch while reaching for a toy. THEN hitting his face on the corner of the bed while standing on a box of legos to reach something.... ALL within less than ONE hours time. No... really.
Finally everything settled down and the little man stood contentedly talking to me while I made dinner. He is fascinated by steam. And of all of the years of steam fascination... this one day in particular...
Yep. You guessed it.
He tried to touch it.
And finally decided that staying in the toy chest was the safest place to be after all. :)
That's how we roll in Sammy - Land.
* No children were (permanately) damaged in the making of this blog post... nor were they scarred by the photographing of traumatic injuries (I think....) honestly he was laughing through his tears at this point because we had all been joking about how many injuries there had been throughout the day! I told you... he really does have an amazing sense of humor. :)


Beth Simmons said...

Awww, poor little guy:(

Grace M. said...

He is too cute! Rough day though!

Childress Family said...

Poor little buddy. Oh, but we do love him so!

Sherry said...

Poor, hilarious Sam! How many years has he shaved off your life by scaring you to death on a daily basis?! Good thing he's cute, LOL!

Naff News said...

The boy needs cake. That's all I'm sayin.