"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Happy Story

Forgive me while I journal... and join me while you're at it :) After recently learning that blogs could be printed into journals I have FINALLY been motivated... at least more often... to blog. I have been an utter failure in any and every other attempt at journaling, so please forgive me if the frequent posts become a bore. They're for us to keep as much as anything else, but I hope these little faces brighten your day like they brighten mine :)
This big kid got to stay for WHOLE day kindergarten rather than HALF day for the first time, because the Valentines party was later in the day... and my goodness was she excited :)
And so was I when I saw this sweet little girl with a sparkly hat and arm load of sugar hand me this...

Ah these are the moments... :)
Aunt Elizabeth came to pick Sammy up for their long awaited "date"... to... (drumroll please...)
You might say he was a little excited!
After he left the sugar really started to kick in.
And these two had a blast just plain... laughing with each other... until finally Jacob proclaimed with certainty that he was going to marry his little his sister. To which Hannah replied...
And then she proceeded to stare intently at him through her cheerio (because what else are they for... really?)
Sugar started to wear off... the switch was made to pajamas... hat still intact.
Until the Curious George fan club arrived home even happier than imagined.
And so Jacob felt that he should relive his date with Aunt Elizabeth as well. :)
The smile was impossible to wipe from Sammy's face until... the unthinkable happened.
Yep. I know. Makes you cringe... doesn't it.
Don't worry. He was chattering about Curious George and the man with the yellow hat again in all of about 3 seconds. This took an remaining ounce of energy that Hannah had left straight away...
I know. The hat came off. This is serious.
And everyone went to bed... tired and happy as can be.
Tomorrow morning Hannah will have her big date with Aunt Elizabeth and she's so excited! Thank you Elizabeth for taking so much time out to make special memories with these 3! You are so wonderful!!!
I'm sure I'll post again tomorrow. I don't do well at keeping up with Christmas... Birthdays I do TERRIBLY with... but we sure do love Valentines day around here :) We didn't used to take much notice, but a few years ago the kids and I started a short tradition. It's not much but one that we all look forward to every year... it's that of a treasure hunt when they wake up in the morning for a small gift. I do enjoy an "event" to just plain love all over these sweet kiddos. They are one of the greatest and hardest to fathom expressions of God's love to me that I could ever imagine.



Naff News said...

Awww I feel so important. :) And I LOVED this post. And I LOVE that you are blogging often. :) Makes me happy :)

Childress Family said...

Anna LOVES pickles too! They could have a contest. And how, oh how, do you make your blot into a printed journal? I have this theory that some day the internet will explode and my dear blog will be lost forever. Do share! I promise to blog more if you tell me!