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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not Me... Thursday.

Look at what happens when you ask for help on a picture... by a professional... who's name I do not have permission to release :) She edited these shots I took of Hannah at the park and made them so special! I'm so excited to have them from my wonderful friend who's name I've agreed to protect. In keeping with said theme, I would also never specifically mention the name of her beautiful daughter who is also an amazing photographer!!!

Nope. Not me.


Naff News said...

haha you make me laugh, mary :) and they look great!

Andrew, Naomi, Madeline and Oliver said...

Wow! You are so sweet. I would hardly call myself an amazing photographer. But, I certainly do enjoy it. But, mom is certainly amazing. I am so proud of her. Although it does seem like it would be hard to take a bad picture of any of your kids. They are all so beautiful and adorable! Your pictures are just as amazing. Your blog is so fun to look at!

Anonymous said...

When you have a great subject you can't go wrong with any picture you take. and you have three great subjects, named Jacob, Hannah and Sammy.. Love you guys

Beth Simmons said...

You are are a tricky lady:) However, I really appreciate your extremely exaggerated compliments!! Both images are your work! I just tweaked them a bit.