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Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Ideas and Invitations (Please Say YES!)

So. I have this idea.
Some of you know about when I started a new form of Bible study with the kids. We read our "Storybook Bible" story every day. Along with it we read a few verses from Scripture (I simply started in Genesis.) We got a journal and started the practice of reading, and then taking turns sharing what we learn about GOD from what He does... and then identifying how we see it in our every day lives... and then talking about how we can live what we know. Often for prayer afterward, I just read through what we just wrote in our Journal. It's been a life-changing experience for all of us. Why?
1. I'm learning so much from the simplicity of the way they express who God is.
2. We are together learning to recognize this same God in our daily lives... and it's MORE EXCITING than I can say, both for them and for me.
3. It makes their prayers more personal, and their days full of praise.
4. It is accountability as a family unit... to then live in accordance to what we have all said that we KNOW. That is our reality, more than our circumstances.
5. It is teaching them to use Scripture to know and follow the Lord rather than to serve themselves.
It's been awesome.
So. Will you join me?
Every Tuesday...
We'll post one or more pictures on our blogs. You can write what you know... what your children knows... what your spouse knows... anything about the reality of our great God.
I DO know.. that any opportunity to bring glory to His name should be taken.
And through blogging we have an incredible opportunity...
to take not just religion...
but our daily reality with Christ to others.
Wanna share what you know with me?
You can send a photo to me by Sunday evening, along with what you want stated, your e-mail address, and your blog address (if you have one... you don't have too.) And I'll edit them for you. OR you can write your own quote on your picture and send it in. I use picnik .. it's a free service and only takes me about 2 minutes per photo. You can e-mail me at mary@the52project.com.
I'll post all of the pictures here every Tuesday in one big praise collage :)
Under your photo I'll post a link to your blog (if you have one...)
and you can re-post your photo and/or post more if you'd like!
Then we'll be able to encourage one another with our personal relationship and reality of what we know of an indescribable God.
This makes me excited.
If there is any/enough interest in this project... I'll make a button you can place on your blog for others to be able to see and join. Will you join me? ANYBODY can join... (unless of course you post something that is contrary to Scripture. Um. Uncomfortable... :)
I'd love to eventually start a collection on facebook if there's interest.
Isn't at least worth a try to have the opportunity to access hundreds of people with simple and beautiful reality of God?

I'm excited.. but don't mean to pressure you. :)
But please do it :)
I plan to continue on with it either way.
Did you know that you can have your blog posted into a hardback book by some companies?
What better scrapbook to have one day than a weekly snapshot...
and a weekly lesson and relationship to look back on.
I've posted a few of my old favs for you to see.
The photos can be of anything.. nature, children, you... or even what you're doing in your kitchen that day! That's the point, it's your daily reality.
I'm looking forward to seeing God through what YOU know.
Every day after we read our Bible story the kids have learned to say this verse:
"This God is OUR God, and He will be our guide... even until the end." Psalm 48:14
If that isn't something to build on... I don't know what is.

** By the way... I still need a name for this project. Any ideas?!?

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Meg said...

I love the idea! I'm not sure how many complete sentences I'll get out of Karis, but even if I don't participate every time, know that I really enjoy reading yours :)