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Monday, April 5, 2010

Road Trip! (Day 1)

What. A. Wonderful. Day.
We started the day right with my mom's homemade breakfast :) Just can't beat that! Then the kids and I loaded up and hit the road. I have to say... never could I have asked for a better trip. The weather and scenery were just beautiful, and the kids were so excited for our adventure. They talked, laughed, colored, and were just a joy the whole way! I was so thankful. We drove for about 4 hours before stopping for lunch, then finished another 2 hours and stopped in Pittsburgh. The entire afternoon was spent at the hotel pool... and I didn't get any photos. I would apologize... but I wouldn't have traded the time spashing and playing with my kids in the pool today for much of anything! :) For dinner we found a little hot dog shop (Sam's choice) and just had a great time. The only photos I got were right before bed time. Yes. They were this hyper. At bed time. But we sure are having fun! This first photo makes me laugh because I caught Jacob almost mid-air jumping between the beds, and he quickly pretended that he only intended to "balance between them."... Yeah right. :)

Then poor Sam decided to try. And I'm somewhat ashamed to say that we were all laughing so much (as was he!!!) That the poor kid was stuck like this for quite awhile! :)

These were supposed to be sweet snuggling pictures...



Tomorrow we wake up to the much anticipated continental breakfast (You'd think my kids have never been anywhere... ever!! :) Can't say that I mind the excitement though :) And then we'll head to the Pittsburgh Zoo. (April - I'm trying to tire them out before we get to you! :) I hope your week is starting off well too!

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Beth Simmons said...

Oh this looks like so much fun!!! I love the big smile on Jacob's face in the first photo! What great memories you are making!!