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Saturday, January 15, 2011


TODAY... we woke up with eager anticipation for our FIRST... that's right. [FIRST]. ever basketball/cheerleading games.
It's an awful cryin shame that blogger won't let me upload many of my photos at all right now... only a few before we left. You know, where they've just woken up... all have terrible colds... but are crazy hyper with excitement for their FIRST. GAME. :)
I wanted to go ahead and throw up a few pics for the grandparents who might be checking... guess I'll have to wait to tell you about their awesome performance... Hannah's amazing grace... Sam's moves... why Jacob needs new shoes...
and why THIS is the only picture of Hannah's pom poms because her mommy forgot to bring them to her (that's right... cringe with me...) first. game. (sigh.)

All dramatic stories aside, we had a wonderful time. I'm SO PROUD of my big kids :)

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Renee said...

I feel your pom-pom pain.

Haha that was fun to say :)

I'm so sorry I missed the game(s) but I was busy sleeping. I'm glad things went well and I love you. and I hope the littles are feeling at least a little (haha) better?

that's all.