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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pom Poms Are Not My Friend.

As previously mentioned, last week was our great debut into Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading... and we had a blast.
The only near catastrophe came on my part as my three super-cute-decked-out- athletes went running into the gym before their games with a crazy mother covered in their winter coats, camera bag, two sets of juice boxes and granola bars for game snacks came tripping over her shoe laces behind them...
heard Hannah say... "Uh oh... Mommy do you have my pom poms?!?"
Oh. Good. Grief. First game. I mean, really??! I forgot the pom poms on the first game. (I still had to smile out of sheer delight that I DID remember to change out of my pajamas and the kids were in uniform. I mean really, give credit where credit is due.) Thankfully... Hannah didn't seem terribly concerned and went running into the gym. We were able to borrow some pom poms (which I guarded within an inch of my life until we returned... just sayin...) and no permanent damage was done :)

Side note: Hannah was a champ. All the cheerleaders were lined up waving their pom poms in the air and she just shook her little fists in the air and cheered louder than anyone. I love that kid :)
After the game we walked in the door and ... you guessed it... pretty much tripped over...
And now ladies and gentlemen. Coming up on midnite before big game TWO. I've packed the snacks for their teams. I've cleaned up the house. I finished 3 loads of laundry and noticed that Sam had put a chocolate chip granola bar in the pocket of his ... you guessed it... basketball clothes.. presents are wrapped for a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, and as I was heading to bed with the satisfaction of listening to the dryer clear away all uniform malfunctions for game two it occurred to me... "Hey self! I'll be awesome mom this time and put the pom poms by the door!"
And they are no where to be found.
I repeat. No. where.
And I have decided that we are not friends. May never be friends with the stinkin pom poms.
You see, I have a habit of finding "really great I'll never forget this places" to put things after I mess up and lose them once. That "special place" is what we also like to call the pit of no return.
It'll be ok right?
Maybe we'll find them in the morning.
Or maybe she won't notice that her pom poms are missing when I tell her I also cant' find her one of a kind special order Upwards Hair Ribbons.


Drew & Kari said...

I never thought that pom poms and Mary Wall went together... so don't worry about it, it's kinda like that cat you used to have... whoops did I say that out loud?

Renee said...

I MUST know... didya find 'em??

Childress Family said...

Ohhh nooo....I must be rubbing off on you!!