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Friday, July 22, 2011

Away to the Woods!

So many wonderful memories this summer...
The kids discovered Eeyore's house while we were hiking (appropriately at the start of a thunderstorm...)

We had enough rain for some cozy down time...
and enough sunshine to really play hard!

These are my people.
I sure do love 'em.

Jacob heard a Hoo!
And Sammy picked me daisies because I love 'em... until we remembered we weren't supposed to pick them... oops.

I can never get enough of a good campfire!!! 
The only downside is our friend hanging over the cabin fireplace. In Sam's words "That's one creepy guy."
That's right. Who could possibly have bad dreams with this fella looking at you all night?
We covered his eyes for awhile. And all was well :)


Molly BW said...

Mary, you have some of the most beautiful pictures of your kids. I love reading about all that you do with them. Such a good mom. :)

Beth Simmons said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place with beautiful people!

Naomi said...

Your pictures look awesome! It looks like you guys are having a great time (or had a great time).

Caryn Dayhoff said...

You're amazing! I love you. You inspire me so much!
So glad you guys got to get away!