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Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Frog Bogs and Pigs

*Back-story: These kids love their uncles. Love and admire in every way.
*Back-story #2: There once was a little boy named Michael who even signed cards to his own mother as "Mike C." (Yes. I still get a kick out of that.) That little crazy haired kid who is now known as the greatly respected "Uncle Mike" was very fond of the Frog Bog at Fun Land, in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. He may have even won once or twice. As soon as I told the kids, Jacob made it his own personal project to conquer the Frog Bog like his beloved uncle. 
 Every day he tried. And tried. And tried some more. (While the smiley college kids in red shirts stuffed my dollar bills into their handy-dandy Funland aprons) but every day the frogs ended up... well...
 you get the idea.
By the time our last night arrived, all family history, heritage, and tradition were thrown to the wind (Hey! Just like my dollars!) and the object became coming home with SOME kind of prize. And so the gaming continued...
 ... and Jacob won. After a week of losing he finally won a game... and was handed
a cuddly, pink, stuffed pig.
And there was much laughter.
 Some day we hope to conquer the Frog Bog with the great conquering Uncle Michael. (And maybe his dollars. :)
And Jacob and the pig lived happily ever after. The end.

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