"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elephants on the Beach

 Walking across the beach one day:
Sam: "Mommy! A peanut shell!!! Maybe there are elephants at the beach today!!!"
Hannah: "Saaaaam. Of course there are no elephants on the beach. You know how I can know?"
Mommy: (*Thinking quietly to myself so as not to be so terribly rude...out loud...) Ummm because of the lack of huge elephants... on the beach?!?) 
 Hannah: "There are no elephants on the beach because look at the footprints! Let's see if we can find any elephant footprints! I don't see any near the peanut shell..."
I thought it was so sweet how fully invested she was in such a ridiculous statement. It may sound silly, but before this conversation took place I had been convicted and thinking about how I trust what my eyes can see... and how I just assume, and expect the reality to be defined as I've always known it to be. How often I am reminded by these sweet children... through their faith... that God is the One who can and will chose to define our wonderful reality however He sees fit... and He has wonderful plans in store... as we look forward and explore in the eager expectation of faith.
I want to daily know God's definition of my reality, and follow my Savior with an abandon that supercedes my "knowledge", my image, and my expectations...
because I want to live in HIS reality, so much more than in mine.

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Childress Family said...

So sweet and TRUE! They look so big all sitting on that bench together, but I'm relieved to see they're not so big that their feet touch the ground yet. :) Love you, love you all!!!