"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Sure Did Like Today.

Today, as is the norm, I had over-planned and packed our day... even and especially when the kids were off of school. I dragged myself out of bed very early to get ready for a long list of meetings, appointments,  job applications, and schooling applications to finalize, and so many other things I should be able to catch up with... but when I checked my e-mail, almost every one of them had been postponed until next week. They are all inevitable next week.
But not today.
 Today my kids got to sleep in, and lay in front of the heater to do devotions in their pajamas. Today we took time to all lay on the floor and talk and laugh and read to each other what we were learning in our quiet times. So many times we talk about what we learned when we are in the car on the way to school, but not today. 
Today, I made home-made biscuits to go with the apple-butter Jacob and I made last night. And then I made breakfast casserole too because Sam likes it and I usually don't have time to take requests.
But not today.
Today we had a quick visit from dearly loved friends, we usually aren't home enough to have people come by! I got such a laugh out of watching this little one be so thrilled about the kittens. They love to be held and played with... but not today. :)
 Today my little friend brought an awesome variety of bugs to visit inside our home. And we loved every minute. Sometimes bugs can survive their admirers. But not today.
 Today, we took time to just play. Hannah had some heart to hearts with her animal friends, and helped me bake more requests while I got to stay in my pajamas and snow boots (they're warm... don't judge me...) because normally people are around and think it's odd when you dress like that or have long conversations with animals that don't even belong to you. But not today. 
 Today, it snowed for the first time this year, an October surprise! Usually we aren't home... usually we are busy with chores when we are home and might not have noticed it as much. But not today. Today we all ran around outside, took pictures, and were far more excited than necessary.

Because today was about nothing.... and everything... all at the same time. 

 All of those other realities of life will continue and we will continue to hit them head on. And we will do our best. But taking time to enjoy one another and God's creation is certainly another reality of life. And we did our best at it today. And it was so wonderful!
 Today we snuggled on the couch, read stories, and made up millions and millions of knock knock jokes. I enjoyed again the fact that Sam says "knock knock" before every joke, whether it's a knock knock joke or not. I joined them in "knocking" with my hand every time we say "knock knock." And probably laughed every single time. Sometimes I can't let them all say as many jokes as they can possibly come up with. But today, we did.
 We drew pictures. We played spies.

 We celebrated the first snow, today, with hot chocolate and popcorn.

 They are growing up so quickly and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am amazed at how they are learning, changing, and just plain blessing my life. I enjoy them so much... they make me laugh. They are my team. They are my people. :) I know they won't be young much longer, but they are, for today. 
Jacob is a smart, funny, old soul who loves family, routine, and A-1 :) He loves his brother and sister. He loves to help me and he wants to learn how be a grill master. When you really get him laughing he can make the whole room laugh. He is always listening and doesn't always tell you when he needs to talk. But he is so ready when you ask him and so comforted by that companionship. He loves to read and learn new facts, he loves science, and he loves spys. He is ... a spy. Today. 
 Hannah is one of the most grace-filled people I have ever met. She literally wakes up smiling no matter how early, and thoroughly enjoys every person she meets. She adores her kittens, and craves the outdoors. Her brothers are her best friends and if you want to see the impossiblity of a truly fiesty Hannah, just try to mess with one of those boys! She is little, sweet, with ears just pierced to celebrate her birthday, and she made me a necklace with a piece of pink string and a silver key-ring to match the one she is wearing, today. 
 She wants her hair long like mine, but the truth is I want mine cut and she could use a haircut too, but she thinks my messy hair I can't control is beautiful (and it isn't) and she wants hers to be like mine... and so I won't cut it just yet. Not today. 

 And Sammy... you can make Sam laugh even when he's weeping. He loves to be tough and brave, and he still loves his blanket when nobody is around. He keeps me on my toes, his personality craves action, adventure, and just plain enthusiasm... and it gets him in trouble. (Alot.) It also makes him a fun and love-able, interesting person He made incredible grades on his first report card and I'll never forget his smile when he saw them. He has a tender, kind heart. He LOVES maps, legos, and running laps :) 
We have been hard pressed these last few weeks to overcome things, prepare for others, and do the day to day things. I have been reminded, again, that God is our Abba, our "Daddy God" and HE is the One who helps us overcome things, HE prepares us for things, and HE IS the strength and wisdom for our day-to-day... and I am truly thankful for every difficulty that has brought us to a greater awareness of His REALITY, His love that is more than I can understand, and His presence that never leaves.
These are ALL the days that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in them!
... Because HE has made me glad. On the good days and on the bad days, He has truly, truly made me glad. Glad to know that each day is not an end in and of itself. It is one day, leading to the next, as He works ALL THINGS together for good. What a wonderful Savior!
To my own fault, and in trying to "fix things"  I don't think I could have cleared the day like this out of guilt and desire to resolve some of the things that I need to do to take care of my family, but I absolutely believe the Lord cleared them for me, just for today. And I think we are all, so much more ready now, for tomorrow.
Today I put my kids to bed feeling like we had used up every inch of our day, together, we thanked the Lord and turned off the lights.
But I hadn't had enough... so I got them back up and we piled every blanket and pillow we could find on the floor to watch "Tangled" again together because today we could stay up late and not have to rush off in the morning the moment the alarm sounds.
Thank you, Daddy God for today.
I sure did like today.


Darlene said...

This brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing mother, writer, and photographer. You are an amazing person. Hands down. Love you tons! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Lori said...

Mary, your posts are like Ann Voskamp's . . .beautiful, reflective, thought-provoking . . .I love you, and I love the way you love your kiddos and the way you squeeze all the goodness out of life!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved this post. I love your take on life.