"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wow, God.

I know He’s here. I know He’s real. I know He’s a redeemer. I know He loves me.

I don’t say I know He’s here because I should. I don’t say I know he’s a Redeemer because that’s one of the names we sing about Him. And I don’t just say He loves me “for the Bible tells me so.”

Why should I? Why repeat things I’ve heard without testing them out for truth?

I can’t believe how many conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks that I’ve dreaded for years, or thought I could never do or could never happen. I’m amazed at how many things He has allowed into our lives that at one time, I didn’t think we could possibly walk through.

I will always cherish the feeling of walking away from those conversations and situations, not knowing that God made everything easy and I didn’t have to do them, but that as I get into my car and strap on my seat belt I always have to sit quietly in amazement and say, “Wow, God. We just did that, together. That’s so cool!” He doesn’t just hide me and allow me to be afraid of things, He overcomes things with me, for me, and before I even get there. I don’t face any situation alone, and I never will. I’ve experienced the sacred reality that your heart can both break, and be utterly filled with joy and peace at the same time… because that which breaks your heart is not the big picture the greater reality, and it will never compromise the One who holds the bigger picture, and who is the bigger picture. It will never compromise His presence with me, or His willingness to lead me from one day to the next.

Wow, God. I don’t have to wake up afraid of the circumstances because we’ve already done so many things I thought were impossible together. Since you let me walk through them I know that I don’t ever have a reason to be afraid. And I will never be alone. Wow, God. You really did what you promised you would, and didn’t send me alone to go through it. You never leave me.

It’s a sacred love story, this one I have between the God who made the world and a weak, unworthy, floundering child… but it’s one that I can’t help but yell out loud about because “He has filled my heart with greater joy.” Nothing is too difficult for Him.         It is for me... but not for Him. Wow, God.

I really, really hope that you know Him too.

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