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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas So Far: Photo Log

 We have had a wonderful Christmas so far... and we still have more visiting to do! We always spend Christmas Eve with the Childress side of the family. This year, my brothers and their families had not arrived yet, so we made some new plans to enjoy the day with Grammie! We enjoyed Chinese food, a walk through downtown Roanoke, and a Christmas Eve Service.

 My Uncle sent these to my mom... they belonged to their mother and my Grandmother Rose. These dolls came from Italy, and I thought they were really neat!

 My mom is a maker of beautiful things... and that's one of the things we love about her!

 You know... just talking on the phone, playing with a Nook... no big deal...
 We enjoyed time with some of our favorite people... including violin lessons Sam style (button on the back... :)

 We are so blessed.
 We also had a wonderful family lunch... that I forgot to take my camera out for :( In the evening we headed over for Christmas with the Wall side of the family. Between the mountains of presents, wrapping paper, and really bad flash on my camera, I didn't have many photos. 

We are so blessed to celebrate the incredible love of our Savior!

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Valerie said...

you like Chinese food? We will definitely need to go on a date! :) I am so glad you all had a great Christmas. We miss you very much!
Love ya girl.