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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Puppies and Protective Gear

I know a little boy, who has a dog. He is a nice little boy, with a nice little dog. In their enthusiasm for... life in general... and each other, there may have once been an unfortunate tackling incident. The little boy only had great appreciation for uncontrollable joy and well, energy, and wasn't to be stopped.
 And now every time I look outside, this is what I see.

And all is well.

And the animals and children are living happily ever after.
*NOTE: By "protective gear"... I was referring to the helmet... NOT the huge metal stick :) Wow... that could'a got us into a whole different kind of trouble!!


Beth Simmons said...

Cute kiddos, cute puppy! But what is that stick Sam has?

Building Walls said...

OOOPS I should have clarified that the helmet was the protective gear... NOT the huge metal stick he found in the woods... wow. ;) Thanks for pointing that out!!!

Childress Family said...

Probably not a bad idea. A & J were pummeled by a loose dog yesterday at a playground. Then this morning Anna asked, "Mama, can we get a puppy?" Umm...no.