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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Around Here Lately...

Around here lately... trouble is still brewing between super heros and spys.
A little baby boy I once knew turned 10.
I'm really not sure just when he grew up. I remember sitting on the front porch with a little baby in airplane pjs.. thinking about how wonderful it was to have him for my little buddy... amazed that I was his mommy... expecting his little sister. We had to grow up together in so many ways. He's been the first to see my mistakes and the first to forgive me. The first to meet my eyes when difficulty arose.. and quick to learn how to do the next thing along with me. He's learned to go right ahead and struggle with a problem, and then hand it to our Savior and find out how He would now like us to live. He's learned with me that we aren't in control, but we are blessed, and God is biggest. He loved his pacifier, Elmo, and blocks. Now he is the fourth grade, with a dry sense of humor and big grin that make us laugh all the time. He loves basketball, wrestling, running and riding his scooter and bike. He likes to climb trees and find secret hide outs. He also loves to scare the ever-lovin-tarnation out of me with rubber bugs in the silverware drawer and toy snakes in my bed. He is loyal... to absolutely everyone. He is the little man of our house and still my very little boy who loves to play spys, be hugged, and play with his brother and sister, but he is growing in to a young man who works hard... is respectful, truthful and tender hearted, carries his weight in chores... gets embarrassed if I get too excited about him holding my hand :) and has as growing relationship with the Lord. He has had to be brave far more than I would have ever wished for him... but the way He has allowed the Lord to grow him and make him stronger for it has made this 10 year old a hero in my eyes. I want to take everything hard away from them so badly. It's my first instinct to want them to have an easy life. BUT It's an awesome and sacred thing to watch "my" little boy struggle with difficult things and know that I can't take it away or fix it... and to watch the God who made this world love Him individually and personally in ways that I just can't. God has met His every need, and given my 10 year purpose and peace in the hard things, and a life of silliness and fun regardless of circumstances. He hasn't taken away the hard things, He has used them to grow Jacob in every way. I'm grateful and amazed by that.  It's so awesome. So while I wouldn't have been brave or strong enough to invite difficulty on any of my children, I'm still grateful to have to step back and witness God's reality in my children's life and to know and be comforted by the knowledge that He is giving them strength for the years to come... and that HE is their God, provider, guide, protector, parent, and friend... far more than I am. So Jacob presses on... and plans his next secret spy mission. I adore this child and can't express how thankful I am for these 10 years with my buddy.

 Fall is almost here.
 I love the smell of pumpkin bread baking... coffee brewing... and the feeling of cool air blowing while I watch my Jedi battle it out in the yard. 
 Or turn into Yoda, whatever the case may be. :)
 Still best friends
 Sam finally lost a tooth (hallelujah amen). It hung by a thread while the other grew in behind it... until it finally fell out... on it's own.. in the middle of the night :)

 In news new to my blog.. I actually love one of our pets! It's a Christmas miracle! Or something.
Skeeter the Hamster went to rodent heaven... whatever that means.. after a full hamster life. Hannah was very sad at first, but says she's happy that her room doesn't smell like him anymore :) So. Am. I.
Gadget has become part of the family, the kids look forward to running through the woods with him every afternoon and usually again in the evening. He's the biggest scaredy cat you ever did meet, but he sure is a sweet boy.

 The last bit of news I'd like to share is a new adventure that I am so, incredibly excited about. I was offered the opportunity to take some photos of some beautiful girls, in celebration of their upcoming High School graduation... and a few opportunities has grown into a full calender over the next couple of months. I am so thrilled and excited to have the opportunity. I'd love for you to check out my new blog where I am posting these sessions. I've never had a "job" I loved so much... and am so grateful for the opportunities that help me to provide for my children, and still have so much more time with them. The blog is http://itsjoyphotography.blogspot.com/

I'm so grateful for our days here lately... good ones... hard ones... always God growing us and working all things together for good. 


all my drucks in a row! said...

i love this post and all of you!

all my drucks in a row! said...

i love this post and all of you!

Childress Family said...

Sweet! That wonderful boy is 10! I remember holding him as a newborn and thinking he was the most amazing baby I'd ever seen. I couldn't stop kissing him! Don't tell him that now. :) Love you all!

Mandy said...