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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crazy.. busy.. fun week!

How much can you pack in with three kids in just a few days? Well.. .... ... it's been a busy few here but alot of fun. We were slowly passing our stomach bug thru the ranks so we had a quiet Memorial day weekend (as quiet as can be with a kitten named Mouse Trap that is..) but we did manage to fit some good family time in. The kids LOVE Logans.. the peanut buckets and the pure pleasure of being able to chuck the shells on the floor is always a hit. So that's where we headed on Monday with some of the family.. here's Jacob and his Daddy makin' their "crazy faces" -

And you have to meet our "Lizzaleth" (that's Elizabeth if you're wondering. Elizabeth is Will's sister by birth.. but I claim her as mine too (even though that sounds a little wierd.) Let me tell you these kids are blessed with 3 amazing Aunts.. and they love having their Elizabeth around to play with, learn from, get wound up with and spoiled by! :) (Obviously I like having her around too... we love her! :)

Tuesday "Pop Pop" got married!! Then he and Maura officially moved to Florida.. but in our happy place we pretend that they live here and go for extended visits down there! Jacob was concerned that we make sure that Pop Pop is still in the Wall family.. we told him yes, we just got to add one more!

Wednesdays are usually breakfast with "Grammie".. that's my mom - can you see the resemblance? :) and let me tell you.. nobody can cook like my mom! (Just ask my little brother!!!) We always have so much fun.. I guess there's just nobody like my mom anyway! Mom - I know you probably won't like me putting your picture up but I have to show you off :)

Last but not least we got a treat today and got to go to the pool with some of our favorite people! Here's me with one of my favorites.. the birthday girl! Ella Grace turns 3 on Friday! We love Ella!

Here's a few more just for fun.. we had a BLAST. Have a great night!

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