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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Say Cheese!

So THIS is when you know you are taking to many pictures. Poor kids. But look at that face. How can I not take pictures??? Guess I'm going to have to slow down so I'll get some real smiles again.

We've had a big weekend! Friday night we headed to Olive Garden (YUM) to celebrate the birthday of a close family friend, B.J. Burgess. She is one of the kids favorite people in the world... she is a teacher and one of those people who can connect with any and every kid in a heart beat - and it's not hard to see why. Actually very often she'll be making jokes and faces at the kids and I catch myself laughing as hard.. or harder.. than they are. That's embarrassing. ;) Here's Jacob discussing life (ok they were talking about funny faces) with B.J. at the resteraunt.
Happy Birthday B.J.!

On Saturday we made a stop at Grand furniture because rumor had it.. Spiderman was there. The kids were so excited! They got to shake his hand, get free Spiderman toys, autographs, and even watch him do flips around the floor. They were his biggest fans until he came around the other side of the table to get his picture taken with them.. and they all ran away screaming. Oh well. He is Spiderman afterall...

From Grand we headed out to Fincastle to pick up the newest addition to the little Walls.. an eight week old kitten who has been named "Mouse Trap." Excuse me.. they would clarify that's "Mouse Trap Wall." To say they have been thrilled is an understatement. They have all done well adjusting to each other - it's actually been suprising how well they all seem to be enjoying each other! He's a good little kitten.. I just hope he lives up to his name. That would be the point. I have been hesitant to get a cat but finally got desperate and I have to say, I'm growing fond of the little guy myself. Not a complaint until a little while ago when I closed the door to the back porch for the night where we've made his home.. and he started to kick up a ruckus. It's all fun and games until something won't stop meowing!!!

Last but not least.. the kids finished out their year of Awana tonite with big parties. The honeybees partied it up with lots of cookies and suckers and the "real honey-bee".. and Jacob had a pajama party at Cubbies! That was a big hit.. wasn't able to get a picture of my pajama baby but here are the honey-bees...

And "that's all" for tonite. Sorry for such long posts but seriously, what was I going to leave out? Spiderman?!?! Have a wonderful day!


Anna Childress said...

LOVED all the updates. Great poem! I guess having a knack for poetry runs in the family. Your brother also likes to come up with little limericks. I think Sammie and Mouse Trap will be quite the pair!

The Drucks said...

LOVE the blog! miss you guys so much! keep the posts coming!!:)

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying that it is impossible to take too many pics when kids are as cute as yours! By the way, I love Mouse Trap! I think I may be his biggest fan (for reasons left unmentioned) and I haven't even met him yet! Love you guys!

Team Britton