"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well finally hello from the Wall family.. or as Sammy would say.. "Hi-loooooow!!!" Yes we too, are joining the wonderful world of blogging. Over the years family and friends have begun to spread out of the fifty-nifty.. now we've even got Uncle Mike and Aunt Faith in Texas, "Pop Pop in Florida and Uncle John as far as Afghanastan! So here we are posting our faces around the world in an attempt to stay better connected! Here they are saying they love you. Well.. Sammy is pretty much just showing you his hand.. but they are all trying to sign their love for you!!!

Let us introduce ourselves...

Jacob (a.k.a. George) Jacob is four and a half years old. He is a brown-eyed, shy smilin', dimple faced little boy who is the spitting image of his daddy. He is our "little intellectual." Jacob LOVES running, learning, books, wrestling, and "gross beef" (that's roast beef!) He loves to instigate.. I mean play with his little brother and sister. He loves to be hugged! Jacob does NOT like eggs :)

Hannah (a.k.a. Peanut) is three and a half years old. She is a little mama with a sweet little smile to match her tiny little person and tiny little voice. She pretty much just glows at you and melts your heart. Hannah LOVES any chance to be with.. or on... her brothers, animals, baby dolls, books, her lady bug boots, and ketchup by the spoonful. Hannah does NOT like bears. (and yes.. this is an issue.)

Sam (a.k.a. Eddy) is so very much two years old. Sammy is laughter. He is a mischevious, huggable, hilarious, and naughty little man who LOVES making Jacob laugh in bed when they should be sleeping, sitting on his sister's lap even though he is 3 inches and 5 pounds bigger, his blankie, chocolate milk, funny faces, and donuts. He does NOT like catapillars. (screams like a girl.)

Daddy (a.k.a. Will) is a "big brown truck man" and we are so proud of that Daddy in brown. He loves running, music, french toast, and veggie tales. :) He does NOT like mornings!

Mommy (a.k.a. Mary) as Hannah described me in a Sunday School mothers day project: "She is 1 year old. She weighs 615 pounds. She is very happy. She is sad when I cry. She is happy when I pray. I love her because she likes me." That pretty much sums it up!

I am such a blessed person. I cannot believe that God would entrust me with these 3 tiny little people... and that He has allowed them to survive on ketchup and donuts! (kidding mom.. only kidding.) I'm going to try to keep this blog full of the random and wonderful.. and not so wonderful days of our little Walls growing up. Please stop by and say hi again soon!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the picture of that 615 lb Momma on this blog? Just kidding! I know you are just as much camera phobic as I am :o) Hope you guys have a great day!

The Brittons