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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hat Day!

So did you get the memo? Today was hat day! At least in the Wall household. It was decided this morning and very important to all involved. So.. we all wore hats!!

And what is a red hat and rainbow outfit without ladybug boots to go with it?

This weekend we got to witness the marriage of two of our favorite people. It as such an awesome thing to watch two people who really love the Lord and really love each other come together as one. It has been such a blessing to watch them grow up, endure hardship, minister to others, and grow to be more like Christ. It is equally exciting to think of all that God has in store for them! The kids got to go to the wedding too (well Sammy snored thru it but that counts, right?) and as we were leaving the kids were watching pictures being taken up front. Katie and Jeremy stopped to wave and say good bye to them and their eyes got really wide and I heard them whispering to each other "Princess Katie said hi to us!" We love you Katie and Jeremy!

This made me laugh: Every morning Jacob wakes up ready to go and he circles around me chattering while I stumble around the kitchen fixing my POT of coffee. This morning he was telling me about his Cubbies leader telling them that next year they will be moving up to Sparks (Awana) and then he got a really sad look on his face and said "Mommy - they said they will really hate us when we go." I have to admit I laughed out loud and explained they probably meant they would hate to see them go. Oh to be in the mind of my four year old.

One last thing.. I have been told that leaving comments on my blog has not been working. I think the problem has been fixed now. If you don't have an account you can leave a comment with your name at the end, then click anonymous and it will be posted. Sorry for the trouble!


Anna Childress said...

I LOVE Peanut in her boots and hat. She and Anna would look great with Anna in her shades. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok can I say for the zillionth time how much I love you guys! This is by far my favorite blog! I can almost hear Sammy saying "Chocrit Mulk" from here :o) Great blog..keep 'em coming!

The Brittons

jeremy and katie said...

We feel so special to be part of the blog! Love you guys

faith said...

i love the rainbow outfit and boots! What are great clothes without great accessories? :)

Love you all and miss you!!