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Thursday, June 7, 2007

"... I guess soon Daddy will be a hundred..."

Well today - Thursday, June 7.. "Daddy growed more." We all met up after work to celebrate (or.. cause a scene...) at IHOP, a family favorite. Thankfully the resteraunt was nearly empty. Jacob put his head in his hands and sighed as the told us all that "soon.. Daddy would be one hundred" as Sam randomly shouted out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!" at the top of his lungs when we least expected it. Finally, to appease his ravaging appetite, he just started eating the menus.

Hannah of course celebrated with hugs...

and kisses...

we posed for the traditional funny face picture... (can you tell who taught them?")

Daddy's face was decorated with whipped cream.. (who's idea was that?!?! SHOCKING!!!)

And as dinner time came to an end.. as is tradition, Sammy covered his head with his blanket, sucking his thumb, and still yelling out with as much enthusiasm as he could muster... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!" These little Walls LOVE their Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey we were at IHOP yeserday too after our doc appt! Too bad we missed you guys! By the looks of things you had WAY more fun than us :o) I agree with George..Will's gotta be getting close to 100 by now!