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Monday, June 11, 2007


When I last "blogged".. (what a great word!) we were coming down off the sugar/menu eating high of a birthday party for Daddy at IHOP.. and the party has continued! Friday evening after spending most of the day melting in the heat, we met my mom (Grammie) for a spur of the moment ice cream at Katies. Katies has been a family favorite for years.. we went there with my Grandpa and family.. and the tradition has continued with my babies. I love that! Hannah sat and giggled with Grammie...

Jacob at his ice cream GONE

And Sammy, well, he had a hard time with his spoon so decided it'd just be easier to lick it up. Gross. At least he's resourceful, right?!?
That'd be my Sammy.

Well on Saturday, we had a family birthday party for Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids were SO excited. We arrived at 10am.. and were there for four.. yes four.. did I say FOUR hours?!?!? We had blast all the way around. Here's some of the crew after pizza and cake..

Sam rewarded Will for another birthday with INSISTING on kissing him.. covered in cake, pizza, and slime. Now, in our family we don't kiss our kids on the lips. Sure.. call me mean. Call me cruel. But if a kid like this one ever comes running at you, mouth foaming with icing, chocolate and pepperoni and I stop him, you'll shower me with precious gems. Unforunately for Will, he was so persistent that he made us laugh so much.. and won.
I thought Elizabeth should share in the experience.

My sweet Hannah was THRILLED when the real Chuck E. Cheese came out, she sang and danced with the best of them...

Jacob waved hi, but stayed focus on the matter at hand...

Sam was NOT thrilled to see a gigantic mouse coming his way.. that's my boy. We of the Wall family are NOT fans of mice.. hence.. the new cat :)Finally, after four.. yes four... did I say FOUR hours of partying we were ready to go home. ;) We had such a great time, and I was reminded how blessed we are to have such a big and loving family!


jeremy and katie said...

I love your blog

Anonymous said...

I know three babies that slept good after that BIG party :o) I love the pic of Sammy..that was so me when I was little! HATED people in costume! Looks like you guys got a lot of junk..uh I mean priceless prizes with all those tickets Jake had :o) We love you guys!

Team Britton