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Thursday, June 28, 2007

There and Back Again

We're baaaa-aaack! (Did you know we were gone?!?) The kids, Elizabeth and I left a week ago Monday for wonderful, sunny, (H O T) Florida to visit "Pop-Pop" and Maura and as a bonus, some of the many attractions of Florida. The kids were SO happy to see their Pop Pop again. While he was at work we spent our time doing what vacationing families.. do.. I think... enjoyed some good music....

lounged by the pool...
and took part in the Mexican Hat Dance. (Come on.. you know you do it on vacation - and if not you really should try. It was hilarious.)

On Wednesday we went to Disney world! The kids have been so excited about this for such a long time, and it more than met their expectations. One of the highlights was Hannah got to have 5 minutes by appointment with only her family and yes.. Cinderella. It was SO sweet. Hannah tells people in a little whisper "Cinderella says I'm a princess!" Sammy got to yell out "You Booo-tiful!!" when he got close.. and Hannah was amazed to get to meet her "favorite."
Mommy also got to meet her favorite. (Ok well yes I know it's a statue..) And yes. Goofy said I am.. Goofy.
Hannah had great seats for the shows and parades!

they waited so patiently in lines. Smart kids.. 3 year olds getting to drive real race cars.. you'd better believe you stand and wait!

Has anyone else noticed the irony of my situation? Ever since I started complaining about my mouse infestation it seems to be the running gag. The giant mouse at Chuck E. Cheese.. the cat named Mouse trap that does not catch mice.. and now my kiddos running around in mouse ears. The grumpy little mouse in the middle shares my distaste. (Unless of course the Mouse in question is Mickey!) Saturday we donned our sun.. guard.. hat.. gear... (are they cute or what??!?!) and headed to Sea World. Here's Daddy and his little girl -

Sea World was AMAZING. Below is a picture of Jake and Hannah in a giant sandbox. Sam was around but very busy pushing a huge school bus through the sand. :) I wish I could post so many pictures but I know this is LONG... so I won't. We got to see the Shamu show, the dolphin show, and every kind of Sea creature I can think of. They had a great water/play area for the kids.. and finally Sammy got to see real penguins.. his favorite. I'll never forget the look on his face!
Sunday we headed to Daytona Beach. Hands down, one of the best days of my life. The beach is one of my favorite places to be and it was amazing to watch my three wonderful little people soak it up. They played tag with the waves, took some tumbles like champs, let us take them out deep, and built sand castles. It was just - so, so fun.Thank you Pop Pop and Maura! We had such a great time, what a wonderful memory. Now we are tired. And if you stuck it out thru this, the longest post ever, you probably are too.


The Drucks said...

SO SO cute!! LOVE the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww..I want more! Post more pics! I feel like just looking at these I got to go on a mini-vacation (from my desk) with you :o) My favorite thing is that Hannah says "I saw a whale named Shampoo!" Ha! Glad you had fun but I'm glad your home safe...I'm so selfish :o) Love you guys to pieces!

Ms. Wawen

Anonymous said...

We are ready for yall to come back now, house is too quite without you all. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute.
Love and miss you,
Pop Pop and Mura.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! :) I definitely missed the blog updates as I am a blog addict now. :) Love you all!

Anonymous said...

ooops i forgot to sign it ;) its Lauren! :)

markandmeg said...

Looks like ya'll had soo much fun! The pictures are adorable and I would have enjoyed even more :) A minute ago I was dreading Karis getting bigger, but now I am looking forward to when she can enjoy fun trips like that one! Keep taking lots of pictures!
Meagan DeLong