"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


At the end of every day... I am overwhelmed at the blessed life we lead. Not only when "times are good," but especially when they aren't, we can know that God is in control and see that He is leading, guiding, and so individually loving us along the way - and that is exciting! Above are some of the kids favorite blessings! Monday we went to the zoo with some good friends of ours.. my friend Rachel and her kids Naomi, Morgan, Wyatt and Levi. Sam LOVES baby Levi!!!
Friends = blessingsThe other morning as I was cleaning up breakfast I stopped to take this picture because I heard the piano (who could miss it...) and three little voices singing "God is so good". It was so sweet to hear. As I was listening I heard Hannah sing "God is so good... He sees you when you're sleeping - He knows when you're awake - He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake! God is so good....." It was so funny!
Laughter = one of our blessings

This morning, the 4th we went first thing for breakfast at mom's and then for a walk. We tried to get some good pictures altogether but all we could get was the sun-squinty eyes! Here they are "looking for bunny rabbits." They tip-toed down the path together. Grammie makes (not only the best breakfast/food in the world) but she also makes things an adventure- and we all love it!

Grammie = a blessing

Mom = a blessingHere's our Katie and Jeremy that we've mentioned so often! They joined us for some family time because, well, they are! (Family.. that is)

The red head and wife with the dimples = blessing

Kids chasing Jeremy instead of me = blessing

Sam surviving till 2 yrs old = blessing
Sam surviving till now = blessing

As it started to get dark we got cleaned up and grabbed a snack and settled for a little while on the back porch to watch our neighbors set off fireworks in the back yard.
Getting to watch fireworks and not being the ones arrested for setting them
off = blessing :)

We had a great time with some sparklers on the front porch....
6 inch rule = blessing

And found some great seats for the rest of the neighborhood fireworks show!And after a day full of wonderful memories...

were to tired to see straight and headed happily to bed.

Bed = blessing

Of course I'm joking around a bit - but am so fully aware that I could sit here and thank God for the blessings in my life thru the night and beyond. God is so good.


The Drucks said...

God is so good, isn't He? LOVE this blog!! Helps us focus on what really matters!!:) Love ya girl!!

Anonymous said...

we laughed, we cried, ya gotta love this blog. :)

the redhead & the wife w/the dimples