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Monday, September 10, 2007

And Now He Is 5!!!

My little boy is growing up! I can't believe that God has entrusted this sweet little boy to me. What an amazing blessing.. there are no words! He has a wonderful little heart. He loves to learn.. and to teach ;) he loves to "make friends" ride his bike, play with transformers, and make people laugh. Thanks to his wonderful "Pop Pop" we had a big birthday bash at Chuck E. Cheese - The land of over stimulation, oversized mice, and soooo much fun for these little guys! It was a complete success. (The Spiderman cake even turned out!!!)

He felt a little silly (he is five years old after-all,) but wore the crown like a champ!
He preferred the "super-cool" bug glasses that Uncle Michael and Aunt Faith sent him! THESE he wore for a day. Thanks guys! :)

Aunt Elizabeth took us bowling for an extra fun Saturday. It was hands down one of the most fun things I've done with these kids. They were SO excited. Each bowl (One game took nearly two hours.... yes it's true...) was celebrated to the max with screams and cheers. We had so much fun!Here is Sammy waiting for his ball to make it to the pins...

Jacob asked me on his birthday if I wanted him to stay small forever. When I asked if I could still hold him when he grows up he said that was "silly" and he'd squash me like a pancake. We agreed that he'd always be our little boy no matter how big he gets or how successful he will be pursuing his career as a policeman-fireman-bigbrown truck driver- runner-army guy.
As long as he's still my boy that's ok with me!


Jeremy and Katie said...

love it, love it, love it (particularly sam's face in the last picture-haha) :) miss you!

Anna Childress said...

Thanks for hanging out with us today! We love you tons!

Anonymous said...

God has blessed me with 2 great kids and 3 of the most wonderful grandkids I could of ever hoped for. On top of all that he also blessed us with the greatest daughter-in-law in the world. MY grandkids are so lucky to have such a super Mom. Love and miss you all,
PopPop and Maura

Anonymous said...

Ugh... I wish I could've been there! I miss you!