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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Narrative Essay :D

Well my dear friends and family.. it is happening. A post without pictures. I know... shocking and frankly, somewhat disturbing. However it has been awhile since I posted due to extreme and excessive business.. and the major events are really piling up! My camera is loaned out (for the moment...) so I thought I would let the kids fill you in on what has been happening.

Sam: "We went to see Katie and 'Jermy'. But Katie is my girl. And we had doooonuts. And waffles. And Jermy got us. And I made a Spiderman puzzle. It was sooooo fun."
(This evening when I told the kids that Katie and Jeremy were living to far away for them to come to Jacob's birthday party Sam crossed his arms and said.. and I quote... "That is a bummer.")

Hannah: "We played with Grammie and had a tea party! And it was soooo fun. And we did stickers and I wrote some words! I really love Grammie."

Jacob: We played in a tent with Sheri Perry. And we had hundreds of marshmellows! And Miss Stephanie got Princess Pop Tarts for Hannah. And we had a Moose hunt... and Mr. Larry burps really fat."

Hannah: "AND we got to play at Lizabeth's house with Max and Lizabeth and Pop Pop and Maura and Grandma... And I had a BIG cookie. And Pop Pop got me TWO doggies for my birthday and we will be friends forever and ever and I feed them milk and they go to sleep and they are Max and Baxter."

Sam: "and I got a ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Quincy and Leo and a Pyramid and a ROCKET!! and it is a COOL ROCKET!!"

Jacob: "And I got a Transformer 'Puter' and it has games and I am working on math and it is not turning my brain into mush Mommy."

The kids have also started back to Awana.. always a highlight of the week. Jacob and Hannah are in Cubbies and Sammy is a "Puggle."
That about sums it up! It's a wonderful life.


Jeremy and Katie said...

One of my favorite posts ever!! :) Even without the pictures it's adorable!

Faith said...

That is awesome! Way to avoid mushy brains!! :)

The Drucks said...

super cute!! love the way kids think!!

Anna Childress said...

I can just hear their cute little voices. We can't wait to see you!

markandmeg said...

Who knew that words could be as cute as pictures? I love it!!
Meagan DeLong