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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Don't talk to wierdos!"

Just a note to say that I am hoping that you will still feel free to leave comments as often as you like on the blog, I enjoy the feedback! However, as I have received my third... unknown.. wierdo.. comment ;) I'm changing the format a bit, no extra trouble to you I hope. In fact, please feel free to test it out on me so I can be sure I got the settings right, and I'll continue tweaking until I do. I hope you're having a fabulous week!


The Drucks said...

wierdos hu? that's not good. my aunt does a blog and she was having the same thing happen. all i have to say is if people have the time to randomly look at other people's blogs that they don't even know, and comment, they need to get a life!!:) love you!!:)

Anna Childress said...

tweak, tweak, tweak....I like that word.

Wall Style said...

Thanks guys! It worked.. I can enable (a.k.a SCREEN) my comments now! ;) shew.

Anonymous said...

No more weirdos?!? Yay! When are you free? I need a fix!

Team B