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Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Cinderella

The Lord has blessed us with three beautiful, sweet little children. My Hannah, while being sandwiched between two brothers can rattle off the names of the Transformers and wield a light-saber with the best of them. Most of her time though is still spent in pink, princess dresses, baby dolls, and animals. She calls her brothers "silly boys!" puts down her light-saber, and dances off to hold her "crying baby." This morning she came downstairs announcing that she had decided to "wear her make-up today..." and I had to grab the camera!

Sam said "OH you are soooo pretty!"
I also discovered a sweet moment with my boys... I don't know what was sweeter, Jacob's concentrated "reading" of the Transformers, or Sam's attentiveness and excitement!
We have alot of sweet moments, but are never without a laugh. I walked in on Sam watching cartoons... just... like.. this.
There is just nothing else to say after that! :) May your days be filled with sweet moments and laughter as well.


Anna Childress said...

I LOOOOOVE that photo of Sammy! I'm still laughing out loud! He should be a cartoon character! Uncle Mikey, pick up your pencil and start drawing. Hilarious!!!

The Beckner Bulletin said...

i love sam. so much. :) can savannah please marry him? lets just tell them we arranged it. thanks. :)

Mike said...

You have the most awesome kids ever (along with little Miss Anna of course) - they are hilarious. I just started up this little blog here for JP while he's in Iraq (so he doesn't miss our Bible studies).

Anonymous said...

This is why sometimes I wish I lived with you guys :o)

Team B.

The Drucks said...