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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sooooo Sorry... :)

My dear family, friends, and rightfully irritated blog-watchers...

I must sheepishly apologize for the long absence. My large school-load with the end of the semester approaching has distracted me but some ..gentle...reminders have helped me realize that you may be tired of looking at the same page over and over! :) Once again I will try to do better! Really! :)

Spring has brought a whole new wonderful world of possibilites in our family. This one warmer week has brought cookouts on the grill, walks to the park and the library, slurpees, and shorts and tee-shirts with cute skinny little appendages (Sam calls both arms and legs.. arms..hmm). We have also begun careful construction of a FABULOUS fort/"clubhouse" under the back porch. This has been incredible fun, the kids have been "decorating" it and dragging a little table to eat what meals I can let them have in there. They have also perched our little slide as a secret entrance into their clubhouse. I am enjoying every moment! I don't have recent pictures of these things.. but I will!!! For now I'll post a few from the last weeks (and weeks.. and weeks... ) that I have missed. Hopefully the fort will be on here soon. I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as we are!!!

One VERY important note: Uncle John is due back from Afghanistan NEXT WEEK!!! We are so thrilled, thankful, and excited to have him back in the States. Please keep he and his men in your prayers as they travel. John is so blessed with his wonderful girls waiting for him.. what an amazing family! Thank you so much for your prayers for John over these months of his deployment!

Here's sweet cousin Anna on her 2nd birthday all ready for a tea party!! SOOOO cute!!!

An Easter egg hunt with Ella Grace -

A wonderful visit (Several weeks ago... ) from Pop Pop and Maura!

Here's my little girl painting her fingernails :)

We went to see Daddy run the Shamrock Run. He placed first in his age group!


The Beckner Bulletin said...

Yaaaaaay the Walls are back in blogging land! :) And Yay for Uncle John coming back home :) We are so thankful he fought for our freedom :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I wasn't tired of seeing that last blog. I mean after all that's one cute baby you posted! Ha ha! It's funny b/c she has changed so much since then. We need to get over there so we can make another cameo. I miss you guys so much!

Love ya!
Team B.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for new news...although we did love looking at little anna ;)
hope to see you soon! Jerm&Kate