"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." - Corrie Ten Boom

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another thought from Hannah :)

We have had quite a situation as of late. Our cat Moustrap, the completely NON-mouse catching cat... has found it quite enjoyable to head butt his way through the side flaps of our window unit air conditioners and wander aimlessly around the roof, meowing mockingly at us while we try to coax him back to safety. That's right. You heard me. He's virtually unstoppable.

Two evenings ago while returning home late from "Walk for Life" Hannah spotted him up on the roof waiting to "greet us." I spent an irritatingly long time trying to capture the wayward feline, and the kids laughed hysterically at my frustration as they got ready for bed. After she was tucked in her bed Hannah (as she always does) placed her hands together and closed her eyes and thanked God for things she had enjoyed in her day (a bouncy castle, time to play outside, the sunshine, and the icing on top of a cupcake (WITH sprinkles)... and then she prayed "And dear Jesus, please help the kitty to be safe and to stop playing on the roof. Please help him not to be greedy and to remember that he has PLENTY of air in-side the house, and he really does NOT need to be getting so much air way up high. Amen."

I thought it was adorable. :)


The Beckner Bulletin said...

she is adorable. and its all too funny that your cat has such an attitude. its cause it knows you hate it. :)

Jeremy and Katie said...

I could just eat her up!

markandmeg said...

Her prayer just made my night! Ahhh... to think like a child again :) Please keep the quotes coming!

Anna Childress said...

That's why we love her!