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Monday, June 2, 2008

Awana Graduation! :)

I wanted to be sure to post these pictures for you Grandparents especially :) Last week the kids had their Awana awards ceremony: Disclaimer: I missed the info because I was sick and out of church, so I didn't have enough notice to let you know it was coming (I didn't know!)
Can you see my Puggle? (He's easy to pick out of the crowd :)

The Puggles sang their theme song AND recited the whole 23rd Psalm with hand motions. Sam did SUCH a good job, I was so proud of him! I have video of this, but I can't get it to download, but please ask when you're in town... it's so cute!
The Cubbies did their pledge and song from their seats, Jacob and Hannah belted it out proudly :) It was so sweet, I can't believe how big they're getting! I had to walk up on stage with them to get their awards, and as soon as I get pictures from my friend I'll post them too! The kids did so well!!! Jacob and Hannah both finished their entire Cubby book, memorizing tons of verses. Jacob moves up to Sparks in the fall, and Hannah and Sam will be in Cubbies together.

This picture is priceless, Sam was SO proud :) He loves to be getting bigger.

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