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Monday, June 2, 2008

An Evening to Celebrate and to Remember

On Friday night we attended the American Cancer Society's "Walk for Life" at Greenhill park. I can't possibly tell you what the evening meant to me. BJ has just finished her last treatment of chemotherapy. Elizabeth and I were talking about how oblivious we were this time last year to all she would be going through. I don't think anyone was suprised though by BJ's strength and good attitude through all that she has been through. She is an amazing person. It was so incredibly exciting to see BJ walk the "Survivor Lap." I really think the kids understood too... they cheered as loud as they could :)

At the same time we also celebrated and remembered my wonderful dad, "Grampie" on Friday night. It was one of the sweetest experiences of my life to see the kids excitement about showing off his name too on their shirts, even though they never met him. It really struck me the way they have completely embraced him as a grandparent and are so proud of him. They ask me alot of questions and soak everything in. They think it's really neat that their Grampie lives with Jesus, and love to ask me if he can see them :)
My dad would have LOVED all of his grandkids... and they sure would have loved him. I think Jacob would have thoroughly enjoyed dad's sense of humor, they would have laughed their heads off together. He would have adored Hannah and I think they would have been able to to pretty much disappear together... and I think Sam would have made him laugh so hard! He would have adored Anna's sweet way of saying things and making her laugh. God REALLY blessed us Childress kids with an amazing dad, and our children with the legacy of a godly and loving grandfather.
I'm such a lucky daughter... and I'm thrilled that my kids love my dad so much too.
Before the walk we met the family for dinner and had a blast!

Now enough of the sentimental stuff... move over fellas Walk for Life had bouncy castles!!!!

Sam tried to be patient... ....

Look at the little Peanut waiting in line for the big obstacle course :)

We have SO MUCH to celebrate and to be thankful for.

I hope you'll forgive the sentiment of this post, but it's really amazing to look back at what the evening was a reminder of.

Believe it or not I double-blogged... be sure to check below. :)


Mike said...

You are completely right - Dad would have loved his grandchildren, and they would have loved him. He was such a kind and Godly man.

The Beckner Bulletin said...

Mary, what a sweet post!!! And you forgot to mention... your Dad would've been so proud of YOU and the incredible woman you've been through all that you've been through. :) So proud of ya!